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10 Ideas for great picnic food

Going out in nature is a great choice for taking a break of everything,

to get rid of stress and to enjoy the simplicity of life.

The secret of a perfect picnic is in a careful planning of it,

even if it is a family, friendly or romantic picnic.

So we have 10 suggestions for a perfect picnic when it’s about food.
by: photostock
by: photostock
1.    Cookies   
       Everyone likes cookies. They are simple, easy-make and delicious.
       The most cookies are based on a simple dough of flour, butter, sugar and egg.
       They are easy to make, but if you are too lazy you can buy them in local stores and
       bakeries. This is a simple food for perfect picnic that will anyone like.
       The point of a perfect picnic is not to have special food like in restaurants,
       remember, the point of a perfect picnic is the simplicity.              
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by: Mister GC
2.   Sandwiches
       Make classic sandwiches at home and pack it. Bring your favorite flavor ,too.
       Whether you prefer other types like croissants, burritos…it doesn’t matter,
       bring those you like, you will enjoy your tasty picnic sandwiches.
 3.  Bacon
       Go bake some bacon for example 1-2 hours before you go and pack it
       in aluminum foil or in whatever that keeps the food hot. Don’t forget the cheese,
       it will taste so good with bacon and everyone will like it.
 4.  Chicken meal or seafood
       Buy some chicken wings and bake it 1-2 hours before you go and also pack it well so
       it stays hot. If you prefer seafood, bring grilled fish, it cooks in just a few minutes,
       so easy and healthy.
 5.  Salad
       Salads are healthy, and it goes with chicken meals and bacon very well. It’s easy to bring
       and easy to pack in dishes with cover. There are many selections of salad, so choose one
       you like.
 6.  Fruit Salad
      Cut some apples, bananas, watermelon, oranges…in small pieces and
      add some juice syrups. It will taste so good with the combination
      of fresh air in nature, you will feel the real meaning 
      and power of nature.
Image ID: 10034013
by: paytai
7.  Fresh fruits
      Don’t forget to bring fresh fruits so you can eat it whenever during
      the picnic time, get some apples, oranges, grapes…
 8.  Snacks
       Buy a lot of snacks if you are going with friends or family and
       if you’re planning to stay up late.
 9. Drinks
      The best choice is fresh water or freshly squeezed juices like lemonade.
      It’s all about classic drinks, all natural.  If you can’t spend a day without a coffee,
      bring it in thermos. If it’s going to be a romantic picnic,
      make sure you don’t forget the wine.
by: dusky
by: dusky
 10. Sweets
        A recent study found that over 50% of adults liked chocolate best.
       Buy some chocolate, candies, gummies… Sweets are easy to transport
       and easy to serve . Enjoy!





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