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How to keep food hot for hours – 10 ways

Whether you are traveling somewhere or leaving your house for a longer

time, keeping your food hot could be a problem, therefore we have 10 great

ways bellow:

by:  Serge Bertasius Photography
by: Serge Bertasius Photography



by: Apolonia
by: Apolonia

Wrap your food in aluminum foil. It protects food from light and oxygen,

and will keep your food very warm. This is one of the best ways and you

can use it again, instead of plastic wrap.



free of use image source:
free of use image; source:


Great for keeping your food hot for a very long time, it also protects your

food from outer damage. Perfect for any kind of food…soup, fried chicken,

pancakes, pasta etc. Probably the best solution.


3.  OVEN

This is if you are not traveling. Put your hot food in oven and close it.

If you want it to stay hot for a longer time then turn the oven

on very low.



This is also good for both while traveling and when your food stays at home.

Not for a longer time but you can wrap it with towels to stay warm for

a longer time.



by: winnond
by: winnond

Perfect for quick trips and even for longer if you wrap the food

in aluminum foil and then put in these foam containers.

These one-time use containers made of styrofoam will keep your

food real hot, styrofoam is known as a good thermal insulator,

many fast food companies pack their food in these containers for a delivery.



There are dishes made of cooked plastic which are better  than

classic plastic dishes. It will keep your food hot for a short time,

and you know, pack it well, wrap in towels and it will stay hot for

for a longer time.



These one-time use containers made of foil and one layer of styrofam

will make your food stay hot for a long time. Holds heat very well.

These containers are the  same like foam containers but it has

aluminum foil over the layer of styrofoam which make good

protection from oxygen and light.



by: aopsan
by: aopsan

Store large amount of food in these thermal foil bags which will

make your food stay hot. Not good for food that is not in

liquid form like soup.



These glass containers hold heat better than plastic.

Good for a short time.



by:  John Kasawa
by: John Kasawa

Warm up any kind of food using this portable stove, just be

careful, don’t use it in a car. There are also ‘portable food car warmers’,

not on gas, it’s in a shape like portable fridge. You connect it to your

car lighter socket and it warms up your food, you can even cook with it.





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