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Interview questions |10 Tips for successful interview

Except good first impression, the way you are dressed,

it’s important how you will respond to questions.

So, here are 10 tips we want you to know:

-Note that we added most common questions at the bottom of the page, but first read this.

by: Ambro
by: Ambro


1.  Prepare for your interview

       You should prepare for this very important step in hiring.

       If you have previously prepared for an interview,

       it’s more likely that your appearance will be confident

       which will give the impression you wanted. Dress nicely.

       Darker colors highlight the seriousness more than bright.

       And don’t late.


2.  Don’t use proverbs

       Using common saying phrases like ‘you know’ , ‘maybe’ ,

       ‘I think..’ etc, will show that you are not interested and

       they will think you are frivolous person. So, no slangs,

       respect the situation you are in.



3.  Answer with full sentence

       When you are being asked something, always answer

       with full sentence, don’t just say ‘Yes’ , ‘No’ , ‘I am’ …

       That’s not enough, you are there to show that you are

       the right person for this job, to convince them  to hire you.

        Also, don’t philosophize too much, be yourself…

       They expect you to be clear and self confidence person.


by: Ambro
by: Ambro


4.  Have an advantage over other candidates

      Before the interview, find out as much as you can about

      the employer, its products and services, market and competition,

      to better understand their needs and to have an advantage

      over other candidates. The first and simplest source of

      information is the website of the company, of course,

      if there is any. A very useful source of information

     are colleagues who work in the company or have worked

     before. Ask them to spend some time with you.



5.  Show your interests

       It carries the potential to excel in various fields

       of business and therefore it’s good to show what interests you.

      In this case, it is not wrong to show an emotional partiality for

      the job you are applying. This will help your potential employer

      to  know that they are talking to someone who would love the

      job that works and that is certainly a big advantage.


by: Ambro
by: Ambro


6.  Do not be insecure

          The words you use are those that will allow you to success

          in the job you apply when it’s about interview.

         And therefore you should avoid words that will reveal

         your insecurity, because they will that even you are not

        confident in your ability success. In situations when you

        are in self doubt you can do something or not, it is ok to admit

        and say that you are going to learn.

        In this way, you will have the confidence of the

       employer and that certainly means a lot.



7.  Tell what you are good at

        During the interview it is important to show your experience

       and knowledge, to behave professionally (this implies that using

       grammatically correct sentences, watching employer in the eye,

       listening, responding and asking meaningful questions*),

       to show enthusiasm you have in a company in which

       you would like to work and interest in the work environment

      in the company. Also, it is important that you are honest.


*Examples of questions you can ask during an interview:

How does a typical day look  in this job?
How does the daily schedule of activities look?
What is in your experience, the hardest part of the job?
Is there a trial period, how long?
Will I get a notification despite the results?

by: tungphoto
by: tungphoto


8.  Tell about your education and work experience

           Nobody is perfect, so even the employers do not expect

           to hire someone who has no flaws. It is important that you

          do not lie and to show willingness for further training.

          Be prepared to confirm all presented documents (diplomas,

          work  history, resume, letters of recommendation,

          certificates of completed courses, driving license, etc.).



9.   Be positive

            A positive attitude during the job interview can help you

           show your confidence and positive energy.

           For any questions, (if possible) try to respond in a

           positive context, try not to use negation and negative sentence.



10.  Smile

             Another big advantage is a smile and emotion. (not too much,

             of course). It is advised to behave in accordance with the

             situation, but this does not mean that you should be stiff

             and unsmiling. People who smile carry positive energy in

             themselves. Be positive and you will make positive impression.


by: stockimages
by: stockimages



Most common interview questions:


– Can you tell me a little about yourself?

– What are your greatest professional strengths?

– Why should we hire you?

– What can you contribute to our organization?

– What is your goal in your career?

– What work experience do you have for this job?

– What salary do you expect?

– What do you consider to be your weaknesses?

– List three words that describe you

– What do you think about overtime?

– Do you prefer to work alone or with others? Why / why not?

– Why were you fired?

– What did you enjoy most / least  in your previous job? Why?

– What do you know about this company?

– Why do you want this job?




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